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Workshop: Creating Natural Perfume with Intention- Inner Stability

  • Roux Saint James 1023 Springdale Rd, Suite 9F Austin, TX 78721 United States (map)
Workshop:  Creating Natural Perfume with Intention- Inner Stability
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Workshop: Creating Natural Perfume with Intention- Inner Stability

This time of year can be incredibly stressful and filled with many emotions ranging from holiday craziness to dealing with long dark nights and less sunshine. But this is also a good time for introspection and finding stability within ourselves.

This is a beginner course in perfume making as well as intention setting. You are welcomed to attend the workshop whether you are interested in the art of perfumery or you would like to use your own formula to assist with intentions.

If you are centered on setting intentions here are some factors that will assist with intention setting at this time:

This workshop brings a special treat of both a Full Moon (Dec 22) and the Winter Solstice (Dec 21).

Moon: Full- Excellent time for harnessing the full power for setting intentions. Since this workshop will be a couple of days before, we can still capture the waxing energy that builds up to the full moon intensifying the intention setting process.

*Winter Solstice: The longest night (or shortest day depending on how you view it) of the year. It is a great time for turning points and changes. It is also a time of introspection and personal renewal.

Moon in Taurus : A time for finding stability, self-respect and inner appreciation of the self. It is also a time for accepting change and the renewed life it can bring. It is a time to find peace and tranquility within ourselves, rather than searching for it from external sources.

Taurus rules the neck, throat and more specifically the vocal chords. It is the symbolic representation of rediscovering and embracing our OWN voice, not only outwardly to others, but more importantly to ourselves. Taurus also rules the thyroid, an organ that regulates (metabolism and hormones released into the blood) as well as the growth and development of the body. This is an auspicious time for growth, new beginnings, and change, as well as learning to regulate and nurture yourself. Through this you can build inner stability.

Our basic kit of essential oils will be used, but there will also be additional oils available that have been chosen specifically to support the intentions of this session. They will be available to everyone during the workshop regardless of your motivations for taking the workshop.

All materials are provided and you will leave with (1) 6ml bottle of oil-based perfume in a roller bottle.

All workshops are non-refundable. Only one person per purchase.

Only 6 seat available for this workshop.

Workshops require a minimum of 2 enrollments, if there are less than 2 people enrolled for a scheduled event, the class will be cancelled and your money will be refunded. Cancellations can occur up to the day of the event.

If an event or class is cancelled by Roux Saint James due to inclement weather, instructor cancellation, illness or other reasons, you will be issued a full refund regardless of the date of the cancellation.

Please refrain from wearing any perfume or heavily scented adornments. this will not only affect your ability to smell the materials, but also affect others abilities.