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Workshop: Creating Natural Perfume with Intention- Eclipsing

  • Roux Saint James 1023 Springdale Rd, Suite 9F Austin, TX 78721 United States (map)
Workshop:  Creating Natural Perfume with Intention- Eclipsing
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Workshop: Creating Natural Perfume with Intention- Eclipsing

So it’s the new year. you’ve set goals (or resolutions) and feel like you are moving forward. But that time comes when the motivation fades, or that goal is no longer important. Perhaps they were too difficult or unrealistic, or perhaps it has just been tough to follow through, or your focus has shifted.  Our minds them become filled with judgement, both real and unwarranted and can come from ourselves or others.  Suddenly we are Eclipsed before we even get started.  Now is a good time to engage someone close to help provide healthy feedback and constructive criticism to keep you moving forward in a healthy way.

This is a beginner course in perfume making as well as intention setting. You are welcomed to attend the workshop whether you are interested in the art of perfumery or you would like to use your own formula to assist with intentions.

If you are centered on setting intentions here are some factors that will assist with intention setting at this time:

  • Lunar Eclipse (Jan 21st)

Moon: Full- WOLF MOON- Not only is the moon full, but it is the Wolf Moon- the biggest moon of the year. The full moon is always a powerful time for channeling energy as it is at the peak. The Wolf Moon is called such because it marks a time when the wolves begin howling more in preparation for mating season. Embrace this crescendo of energy to help pull you forward in whatever endeavor you set out to achieve.

We will also be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse at this time. They signify change and upheaval that can sometimes be unexpected and make us lose focus. They can also lead us in the right direction. In the shadow of the sun, we can release the negative and let go.

Moon in Leo : Leo deals with the heart and blood.  The sayings “blood, sweat and tears” as well as “putting your heart into it” really apply here.  The heart also circulates the blood, symbolic of keeping things flowing and moving along. it can be symbolic of getting back on track, staying focused and circumventing any negative Eclipsing.

Our basic kit of essential oils will be used, but there will also be additional oils available that have been chosen specifically to support the intentions of this session. They will be available to everyone during the workshop regardless of your motivations for taking the workshop.

All materials are provided and you will leave with (1) 6ml bottle of oil-based perfume in a roller bottle.

All workshops are non-refundable. Only one person per purchase.

Only 6 seat available for this workshop.

Workshops require a minimum of 2 enrollments, if there are less than 2 people enrolled for a scheduled event, the class will be cancelled and your money will be refunded. Cancellations can occur up to the day of the event.

If an event or class is cancelled by Roux Saint James due to inclement weather, instructor cancellation, illness or other reasons, you will be issued a full refund regardless of the date of the cancellation.

Please refrain from wearing any perfume or heavily scented adornments. this will not only affect your ability to smell the materials, but also affect others abilities.