Special Edition Coffee Spritz

Special Edition Coffee Spritz


These special edition coffee spritzes were created in collaboration with Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee for the 2019 Luck Reunion.

These 2 uniquely crafted spritzes use blends of hand-selected essential oils to enhance Chameleon Cold-Brew Coffee through the sense of smell.

REVIVE: Inspired by Austin’s rich cultural scene and stunning Texas sunsets, Revive captures that essence of Austin - from music to nature - that inspires us to be our most authentic selves.

Revive uses a blend of Saffron, Damiana, Tansy, Carrot Seed, Cocoa and Benzoin to capture the deep, rich, sweet notes of Chameleon Coffees.

EMPOWERED: With lively fruit scents, Empowered captures the joy and determination of Chameleon’s incredible partners in 2 female-led organic coffee communities located in Myanmar and Indonesian. Chameleon is co-funding the organic certification fee for these communities and buying the harvest from their first year.

Empowered is crafted with a blend of Lime, Kava Kava, Rose and Carrot Seed to enhance the delicate fruity and floral nuances of Chameleon Coffees.

All spritzes are in an organic non-GMO based ethanol.

All bottles are 30ml (1 fl. oz.)

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