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He is sitting in a green garden, bedecked in a gleaming white suit, with book in one hand and pipe in the other.  It is a warm afternoon where he sits, inspired, and drinking absinthe.  This blend, inspired by a vision which was revealed as Mark Twain, is a clean garden scent of Geranium and Basil with hints of Artemisia and Musk. 

Wear this scent to stimulate your divine inspiration and your own personal visions.

Geranium, Basil, Artemisia & Musk

Aromatic Descriptors:  Fresh - Green - Floral - Herbal - Sweet- Musky


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Fragrance Collection:  Our Hand-Blended perfumes are made of organic grain alcohol (non-GMO corn), a unique blend of skin nourishing organic oils, and a proprietary blend of fragrance, natural aromatics and pure essential oils.