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Ethereal Elements Collection:

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“The unnatural and the strange have a perfume of their own”  ― Fernando Pessoa


Fragrance Collection:

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Who we are:

Roux St. James is a small-batch niche perfumery located in Austin, TX specializing in creating alluring and mysterious blends made from the highest quality natural and organic ingredients.  Our essences are carefully hand-bottled and packaged to evoke a decadent experience filled with romance, charm and reverence that reflects our hand-crafted artisanal values.

Dyadic Collection:

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Why natural perfume?

Natural perfumes are complex and mysterious, unfolding over time.  They have the ability to invoke a sense of adventure and fantasy through their luxurious, rare and exotic essences that reveal layers of scent and depth unlike any commercial perfume.  Our goal is to provide a unique sensory experience engaging your olfactory center to trigger old scent memories, or create new ones.  We hope that you will enjoy the adventure our essences have to offer and that each will bring a little joy to your life and offer an alternative to the overbearing fragrances on the market.


   accord Collection:

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Every scent tells a story...what's yours?